Online Frauds

Online Frauds are usually a financial crime and Identity theft; it is the use of internet services i.e. Email, website and messaging system to defraud people online. The most common types of online fraud or phishing, fake email, website message (SMS or instant messaging system). The offender usually impersonates and pretend to be a trustworthy organization or professional. Industries impregnate by offenders may include Banking & Finance, Game and Lotteries, forwarding and shipping etc. Offenders can lure victims into paying for the unavailability or fake product and service, online investment, delivery or immigration charges, advance payment or diplomatic charges, etc.

Online fraud criminals communicate with victims using Spoof Identity to identify him/herself, they also use the country-wise cloned telephone number for voice and SMS communication, spoofed email and website to impersonate as a genuine entity.


Online fraud protection is important for every individual and organization in this digital world, understanding how to yourself against cybercrime help you remain protected and it is also very important to think wisely when it comes to payment for any online products or services; Including all processes, the idea and understanding of ” Think before response ” ” Think before click ” and ” Think before download “. Some links or free internet download might be a security threat to deceive the victim into revealing sensitive information that may end in the loss of huge money.


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