How To Report Cyber Crime Online

How to report cyber crime online

As computer technology advancement is rising so as forms of cyber crime is rising as well. If you notice or you are already a victim, you can use the following articles to find updated information on how to receive quick support against any types of cyber crime. Means or portals available for reporting cyber crime may vary from country to country, though many countries around the world are still not yet offered crime report online. Advanced country like United States of America, United Kingdom and European Union has several means for reporting cyber crimes online offering by both the country’s cyber crime law enforcement agencies and private cyber crime security consultants.

                                 How to Report Cyber Crime

How to Report Cyber Crime Locally: Cyber crime reporter, consultant or victim reporting cyber crime locally may simply begin the search for cyber report portals or information online provided and offering either by the federal or state government of the country. The Government offers information online where reporter, consultant or victim reports cyber crime online by filling and submitting a report form. Mostly in advanced and developing countries, there are many Cyber Crime Investigators having posted a lot of useful information that may help followers remain protected from cyber crimes and criminals on their blog, profile or website. A private cyber crime investigator usually request applicant (victim) to pay for service so that investigator may carry out work and feedback inform of written report showing the findings and evidence found are used for legal proceedings in accordance with Cyber Law and Regulations enacted by the Government.

How to Report Cyber Crime Happened From Another Country: To report a cyber crime happened from another country may slightly tedious than when a cyber crime happened or criminal is within your location. Cyber crime from outside country can be reported directly through any online cyber crime investigation portal or website offering by the state or federal government of that country. Preferably, a cyber crime reporter, victim or consultant can simply report to local government agency then the local government agency will in turn carry out the investigation with information and support from the country’s government agency where the cyber crime or cyber attack generated from.

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