Cyber defamation

Cyber defamation is a recognizable offense, it is a new concept. Traditionally, defamation occurs whenever by words or spoken, approves or by signs, copied or saved, making, distributing or publishing any wrong information about any individual, group of individual or organization intending to harm, or knowing or having believed that such  defamatory information  will harm the reputation of the victim.

Cyber defamation occurs when above action takes place electronically. Cyber defamation takes place with the help of computer, mobile device, publishing tool i.e. Printer, and/or the internet. Defamatory information can be distributed using electronic mail, Instant messaging system, printed document, or publishes on the website. So, the author and whoever read and believe, or redistribute this information is guilty of cyber defamation crime.

It is advised that any information sighted or received should always be verified about it’s source and/or find out from another source to know if the information received or read is correct to ensure that it is not all about defamation.



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