List of Best SQL Injection Tools

SQL Injection Tools are software application used for attacking Website and RDBMS Database. SQL Injection Tools Version are available in Windows and Linux. Windows Version SQL Injection Tools are available for ruining on Microsoft Windows and Linux Version SQL Injection Tools are available for ruining on Linux Operation System. SQL injection is one of the most common attack to web applications. A SQL injection attack is insertion or injection of a SQL query to the application.
When SQL injection attack is successful, attacker can read and/or copy sensitive information from the database table. Data that is usually stored in database may include: email, username, passwords, financial details like bank account login detail and credit card numbers.
The followings the List of Best SQL Injection Tools:
  • SQLMap – Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  • jSQL Injection – Java Tool For Automatic SQL Database Injection
  • BBQSQL – A Blind SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
  • NoSQLMap – Automated NoSQL Database Pwnage
  • Whitewidow – SQL Vulnerability Scanner
  • DSSS – Damn Small SQLi Scanner
  • explo – Human And Machine Readable Web Vulnerability Testing Format
  • Blind-Sql-Bitshifting – Blind SQL Injection via Bitshifting
  • Leviathan – Wide Range Mass Audit Toolkit
  • Blisqy – Exploit Time-based blind-SQL injection in HTTP-Headers (MySQL/MariaDB)



SQL Injection Tools are available in both Windows and Linux Version.



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