Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking is a cybercrime when someone found or reported to have threatened or harassed others with the use of computers and internet services, i.e.: Electronic mail, Instant messaging system, internet forum, or an open source webpage. The behavior of Stalker includes false accusations, writing of defamatory story, harassment, impersonation, threatening, etc. Usually, majority of Cyber Stalkers are men and the majority of victims are women, it can also be an unsatisfied former employee aim of stalking his employer, and many other reasons.

According to the organization receiving reports on Cyber Stalking issues, namely working to Halt Abuse organization (WHOA). WHOA declared and brought to notice that approximate 70% of Cyber stalkers were male and approximate 30% were female.


Cyber stalking is not limited to corporations, corporate stalking is when an individual usually former employee or unsatisfied customer stalking a corporation. Cyber stalking, Cyber warfare, Cyber bullying, Cyber squatting, Cyber impersonation and Cyber terrorism are now repeated criminal activities conduct by foreign individuals and political organization.



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