Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack is a fraudulent process or practice of acquiring or attempt to acquire sensitive information such as username, password, social security number, pin no, otp no, bank details i.e. Credit card details by disguising as trusted or original service provider. Phishing method can also be used for Footprinting, i.e.: a System information gathering. Phishing is one of methods used in social engineering attack for obtaining victim’s information.

Cybercriminal uses phishing method sometimes through both Electronic mail, SMS, and Instant Messaging System i.e. WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to send profession look message, they can initiate a communication with victim through a phone call before sending this fraudulent phishing message. Phishing message usually comes along with a link that victim has to click to redirect him to fake page that appear like a original one, this page’s content will contain same information as original one and may be requesting victim to enter such information like “Enter your username and password to login ” or “Enter your credit card to pay” or “Login with your social media or email account” and so on. There are many ways phisher can design email message and encode link in the text that is persuasive to click. Reading more about phishing attack scenario for understating it better.

Phishing is not limited to Vishing and Smishing. It’s also important to know these four methods for understanding how advance social engineering attack is conducted. Knowing how Keep your Identity and Personal information safe and how to recognize a harmful link or a fake url is very easy if reader of information receive could understand url structure and parameters, and how a linked page is created.



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