Spoofing Attack

Spoofing Attack

Spoofing Attack is not limited to stealing and making copies of Identity i.e. Email Address, Social Security Number, Full ID Detail, defacement of website and impersonation in a computer network (IP address and Mac ID).Spoofing is a scam where a cyber criminal try to gain unauthorized access to a system or service by pretending to be the genuine or authorize user in order to gain access system or make use service. More other criminal intents of spoofing are for sensitive information like Credit Cards, Bank Login Credentials, usernames and passwords and so on.

IP Spoofing and Mac ID Spoofing is an identity for a computer in a network. IP spoofing is the changing or manipulating of IP Address on a particular computer for communication in a network. Learn more about IP Spoofing and MAC Spoofing

Website Spoofing is illegal defacement of a website, most especially corporate websites are defaced in order to deceive their customers and steal their login credentials. Usual and common victims of web defacement are bankers and other financial related corporation. Know how website defacement occurs for stealing victim’s customer details. Cyber criminals usually use a Spoofed Email to send Phishing Email along with a Spoofed website, know how to protect oneself and identify a spoofed website that is already been defaced.

Identity Spoofing is stealing and copying of identity. Cyber criminals can use stolen identity to make a fake, but an original looking Identity (Identity Spoofing) or registering for a new service and eventually use this Spoofed Identity or registered services to commit a crime or using them for real life impersonation or cyber impersonation. It is very important to understand how to keep your personal information safe and to know how Identity Theft crime occurs.

Email spoofing is the act of sending or using an email that appears to originate from real sources, but has actually been sent from fake source. For example, you have an email address and your E-mail address is: you@youremailprovider.com. Your enemy or a cyber criminal can spoof your E-mail to send a fake email that will appear that you have sent the email. Spoofed E-mail techniques are used by cyber criminal either to spoil your reputation or to gain access to information by sending such E-mail. Email spoofing is one easiest crime committed on the internet by cyber criminals since it is very easy to learn and understand how to do email spoofing. Targeted Government and Private organization’s E-mail addresses are spoofed all time on the internet by attackers and they are used for various malicious purposes. Knowing how to recognize a spoofed E-mail and how spoofed email are created email attacker is very important for every E-mail user so that you will always be safe from being a victim of data loss and Identity theft while receiving E-mail.

The email Spoofing technique is frequently used for conducting Phishing Attack to entice victim into revealing sensitive information, or to obtain valuable information about him/her. Know that spoofed email is not sent only by the enemy, but also used by cyber criminal to conduct attacks for acquiring financial gain. It’s also advisable to observe email received before following it up.



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