Identity Theft

Identity Theft is illegal acquiring and using of another person’s identity for an illicit purpose. It is called Identity theft when the criminal has stolen or used someone else’s identity for own illegal purposes. Identity and other sensitive information can be stolen through cyber criminal’s Spoofed or Phishing Email, Phone call, or SMS. Identity Theft is not limited to Credit Card and Bank account Fraud because cyber criminal uses same method (usually Phishing Method) to steal someone Identity and some other sensitive information.

Cyber criminals can use stolen identity to make a fake, but an original looking Identity (Identity Spoofing) or registering for a new service and eventually use this Spoofed Identity or registered services to commit a crime or using them for real life impersonation or cyber impersonation.


It is important every internet user must understand how to keep your personal information safe and how to secure yourself while on the internet and understand what exactly Phishing is all about. Reading and learning different types of online frauds and including all processes, ideas and educate of “Think before response” “Think before click” and ” Think before download “.



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