Password Sniffing

Password sniffing or Network sniffing is the act of sniffing or attempt to sniff or capture data packet in a network. Network sniffing is one of the methods used in Password Attack; it is passive-level attack. Password sniffing may also term as Network Sniffing; it is an act of intercepting, monitoring, and capturing of information (data packet) in traffic of a network; most especially in Local Area Network (LAN). The purpose of this action is to steal information like usernames, passwords, network messages, files in transit, etc. Information is captured in the form of a Packet using a sniffer software program like WireShark.

Network sniffing software is also known as a packet capturing tool, they are software tool for sniffing (monitoring) the network traffic. Best analysis and monitoring network tool called Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer and other good sniffers are also in the market.


Ethical usage of network sniffing software includes is for:

  • Packet Capturing  for network traffic monitoring and analysis


Unethical usage of network sniffing software may include:

  • Packet capturing for any web-based authentication, hacking to obtain of username and password
  • Packet capturing for spy or eavesdrop, modify or damage data

The sniffer is controlled by the network administrator on a single host, a network user with unethical intention can do the same by installing sniffer for unethical motive. It recommended that the Administration should know and learn further on how to protect from world’s famous sniffer namely WireShark.


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