FBI Unlocked iPhone Using GrayKey developed by Grayshift

With clear information and evidence, it was reported that the FBI has circumvent an iPhone device.  iPhone 11 Max and other previous version of iPhone device was decrypted and activated by the FBI using Forensics Tools called GrayKey Tool developed by Grayshift company headquarters in Atlanta РGA, United States.

The GrayKey Forensics Tool develelop by Grayshift is being used by the FBI Cyber Action Teams and other FBI cyber units around the world and other law enforcement agencies around the world use GrayKey Tool to crack passwords on iPhones. Law enforcement agencies around the world us GrayKey for unlocking by cracking password for data extraction purposes after unlock successfully.

The GrayKey develop and sold by Grayshift company unlock an iPhone with a 4-digit passcode but takes longer if iphone owner / suspect used 6-digit passcode.

Similar Forensics tool that performs that way or more that GrayKey is Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED). The UFED developed and manage by Israel-based company called Cellebrite. In Feb 2018, Israel-based Cellebrite discovered solution that helps government agencies around the to unlock encrypted iPhone running iOS 11. Likewise Grayshift launched GrayKey tool early last year and still being used till date by the FBI.

The UFED tools unlock, decrypt, and also perform extraction of phone data, including mobile call logs, SMS, media files contacts, passwords and chats. UFED can also extract private information without passcode on any accounts by Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, Dropbox, and WhatsApp.



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