How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

How to Protect Your computer from Hackers


Protection of computer from hackers is not that easy as so many computer users usually think that the use of Anti-Virus Software gives them complete protection. Computer users around the world connect their computers to public network or Local ISP for the purpose of internet access or connect to a private home, office or business network for internet and data sharing.

The only way a computer user could be safe is to apply complete protection methods on computer to protect against the hacking techniques use by the hackers. There are different protection methods for all types of Computer hacking techniques.

There are several techniques hackers use for hacking computers in a private or public network. When Protecting a computer in private network (Wire or Wireless), any hacking or attacks happen on computer in the network is usually called Internal Attack while any hacking or attacks sustain from outside local network is known as External Attack. Mode or Origin of attack may clarify the techniques used for hacking into a computer.

Types of Attacks that hackers usually conduct within a private network may include: Metasploit Attack, Man-in-the-middle Attack, Password Attack and Malware Attack usually delivers through web messaging system like social media, webmail email, website or internet download.



To protect computer from hackers, user should know more about the Types of cyber attacks in cyber security and Protection of computer against these cyber attacks.  It is also recommended to understand the differences between Internal Attack and External Attack.


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