Best Ways To Keep Yourself Safe While Connected To Wi-Fi Network


All Wi-Fi users around the world must be alerted that hackers have the ability to hack and take over an entire Wi-Fi network and can easily take control of a Wi-Fi router and another bad news is that once a computer user connected to a Wi-Fi network, hacker connected to the same network can easily hack other connected users’ computers. When Wi-Fi users are already connected to the Wi-Fi network, a single hacker on the same network can hack into computers. After successful hacking into any computer in the same network, what this hacker can do may include viewing, uploading and downloading files in the computer, stealing cookies to reveal usernames and passwords and so on.

Many computer users connect to a Wi-Fi network mostly because of internet access. So, the Wi-Fi network operator/administrator may apply security based on business or personal requirements. This Basic Security Application is normally applied to a Wi-Fi router for protection against unauthorized and malicious users while personal protection application on the computer for protection against Insider attack must be taken care of by the user.

The Wi-Fi user may face serious loss for just connecting to a Public or a Free Wi-Fi network for internet access. Most Wi-Fi hackers target and hack the user’s login credentials (email, social media, bank, etc.) while he or she is logged on any of the accounts on the web browser. A hacker can also hack into Wi-Fi-connected computers using Metasploit Framework and many other malicious and harmful actions are possible after the Metasploit attack.


Best Ways To Keep Yourself Safe:

  1. Always Avoid Free or Unknown Wi-Fi network
  2. Connect to only secure Wi-Fi networks (Secure Wi-Fi with WPA2 or WPA3 Protocols).
  3. Use Internet VPN while connected to any trusted or untrusted Wi-Fi network.
  4. Use Best Anti-Virus Program and Anti-Malware Program will protect the user from Malware attacks.




The above four points are very important for all Wi-Fi users who are worried about their security. A malicious user in a Wi-Fi network check for different methods used in Insider Attack in a network. It is also a very important Wi-Fi user to know How to secure an own personal Wi-Fi network along with knowing the best ways to keep yourself safe.




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