Email Bombing

Email bombing means sending of a large number of emails to victim’s email id with the intention to crash victim’s email account or email server. The mail Bombing idea is usually conducted by Black Hat Hackers by sending a large number of emails consciously in order to discontinue the usage of targeted email address.  There are several open source computer hacking tools designed for email bombing, cyber criminals who use them can instruct any of this program to continuously and repeatedly send a single email to a targeted victim’s email address in order to overwhelm the email account through the email address and this may also cause an entire server to shut down.

It is not easy to avoid the email bomb, but there some preventive measure one can apply that only reduce the chances of getting bombed. Use of Antivirus software and Firewall can reduce chances of getting attacked and Use of Email Filter and Anti-Spam Software on Email server could also reduce the chances of getting bombed.



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