Software Privacy

Software Privacy is an illegal copying or reproduction and distribution of software for financial gain or personal use. It is illicit to copy, use, distribute or trade any software without a genuine license. Any kind of software that run on desktop or laptop computer or mobile device may include Operation system, application software, business application, gaming software, web application, security software, etc.

Use or distribution of pirated software is illegal because of loss of revenue to the author of the software and may cause issues on release new or latest version of the software in future because of the loss. If anyone by any chance had installed, store or use pirated software may be accused of Software privacy or Copyright infringement crime. The followings are the characteristics and ideas in software privacy:

Crack – A software crack is illegally obtained software, but working version of the software. Software cracking is an act of modifying software in order to remove embedded license protection. Download, Installation, Use or Redistribution of Cracked software is an illegal act of Copyright Infringement. A person who undertakes disabling software license protection is called Software Cracker.

Clone – Cloning software is quite different from removing license protection, Software cloning can also be termed as Deciphering of software in Reserve Engineering. It is an act of decoding, disassembling, recoding and reassembling of software. A person that undertakes such actions is called Reserve Engineer.

Keygen and Serials – A keygen (Key Generator) is a program that can generate license key, registration key or serial number for a specific piece of software. This KeyGen is an idea of reproducing an illegal version of the software. Serials refers an illegally obtained or generated license numbers, registration keys or serial numbers to unlock a downloaded or trial version of a software.

Listed below are related to illegal uses of software:

  • It is illegal when a single-licensed version of software is found on multiple computers.
  • It is illegal if the installed software with illegally obtained a license.
  • It is illegal to use KeyGen to generate registration keys that turn trial or evaluation version into a licensed version.
  • It is illegal to use stolen credit card to purchase a software license.
  • It is illegal to upload cracked software or post illegal obtained the license key and serials on the internet.

One of some prevention and protection for Software Privacy is Hardware Locking is the best method for protecting software from duplication, this method locked the software to a specific computer hardware after installation of software on the computer so that it will not function on any other computer. Another prevention technology is known as LaserLock by LaserLock International inc. LaserLock method can embed a digital signature during the process so that the CD cannot be copied by any CD/DVD writer. One more protection method is Tethering software tethering is the practice of associating a piece of software with a particular hardware after installation which makes the software refuse to function on any other computer.


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