Importance of Web Browser Security

Importance of Web Browser Security

According to cyber security research and studies, it makes that web browser is the most targeted applications ever. The web browser is the solution for delivering web application from the web server. Web browsers hacking are common for hackers who are targeting confidential data (online accounts) logged on a service website on the web browser.

Individuals and entities had suffered several attacks and loss through the use of a web browser. It is very important to know and able to recognize what are common attacks and hacking method used by hackers to attack web browser in order to steal information or cause damage. Most browser hackers intention is to spy or steal confidential information, steal or damage data.

Common Attacks on Web Browsers include:

  • Man-in-the-middle Attack: Man-in-the-middle Attack can be used for spying information running in the web browser. A hacker can also steal confidential information like username and password on email, social media, net banking, etc. Continue reading
  • XSS & JavaScript Attack: Hacker injects a payload into a web page that the victim visits, then attack attacker needs to convince the victim to visit the web page to inject malicious code and for the malicious code to run. If the attack is successful, username and password are revealed by capturing cookies through session hijacking. Continue reading
  • Malware Attack: As web browser allows you to read, link and download from the internet, it is possible for hacker to embed malicious software (malware) that runs automatically in web page you visit, link you click or software you download. In cyber security, we have various types of malware but a type of malware commonly used by hackers to attack web browsers is known as Browser parasite. Browser parasite is also known as advertisement software – adware or malvertising program, it is unwanted media in the form of image, flash, video or link that appears on the web browser. Continue reading

Above mentioned attacks are common attacks usually used for attacking web browsers in order to damage, spy or steal confidential information. A cyber security study has clearly revealed the security solution for web browsers to remain secure against any cyber attacks. To remain protected from these attacks, it is very important to know how to secure your web browser against cyber attacks from hacking and also apply basic security settings on popular web browsers. Negligence of web browser security may lead to huge financial and confidential data loss by individuals, institutions and entities.



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