5 Best Browsers For Hacking and Anonymous Browsing

Best secured browsers and best browser choice for hacking are browsers that allow users to browse anonymously, these browsers are commonly used by hackers and those who want to remain unidentified to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Popular browsers are also built to ensure privacy and confidentiality by default and users are also allowed to apply further privacy and security settings that may include download protection, URL filtering, tracking prohibition, etc.

Anonymous browsers are being in use for private and anonymous browsing because of the privacy and security settings applied by default by the developer. Anonymous browser does not track any download or installation of the browser, does not track the URLs visited, no automatic translation, update or download, anonymous browsers are untraceable, blocks hidden trackers automatically and some anonymous browsers come with free protection software like Anti-virus or free VPN service.

Popular and common browsers are not completely secure or anonymous, the following list of browsers are world best anonymous web browser ever: 

1. TOR Browser

Tor Browser
Benefits of TOR Browser:

  • Tor users have the opportunity to surf the darknet.
  • Tor doesn’t save the browsing history by default.
  • Cookies are saved and used only during the session.
  • Users are protected from browser fingerprinting when browsing via Tor.


2. Waterfox Browser

Waterfox Browser

Benefits of Waterfox Browser:

  • Waterfox deletes the user’s online data (passwords, cookies, browsing history) automatically from the computer.
  • Waterfox browser blocks hidden trackers automatically.


3. Comodo Dragon Browser Comodo Browser

Benefits of Comodo Dragon Browser:

  • Comodo Dragon browser does not store cookies or allow tracking online activities.
  • Anti-virus software can be installed alongside with Comodo Dragon browser.
  • Comodo Dragon allows the automatic launching of the browser into incognito mode.


4. Iron Browser

Iron Browser

Benefits of Iron Browser:

  • Unlike Google Chrome, Iron Browser has a built-in ad blocker.
  • Unlike Google Chrome, Iron Browser doesn’t report information about the user’s activities to Google.
  • Iron Browser does not allow automatic updates and tools that track the user.


5. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Benefits of Iron Browser:

  • The brave browser blocks web trackers and ads and unwanted trackers or ads are analyzed and display on the screen.
  • Private tabs on the Brave browser do not store history and cookies and they are cleared immediately browser is shut down.
  • Private tabs on the Brave browser is integrated with Tor.


All anonymous web browsers are not completely keeping data safe and private. Anonymous browser default privacy and security settings could be helpful, but it is advised to harden the privacy and security of any anonymous browser manually after download and installation.


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