Best Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking Tools For Web Browser Protection

Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking Tools

Browser protection using Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking tools for browser protection is very important for every online users using browser to access the internet or network server. Internet Web browser is the only application that help users to access most information they want to access on the internet. Users access information from their bank, email, social media, etc and information delivers back to user from provider’s server while private or government employees do use the internet web browser to access information on the internet or from their company / government server.

If Ads (meaning advertisements) pop up or media – inform of image or video display on a website user visits are being tracked by advertisement agency or publisher for marketing and advertisement purposes. Publishers of Ads fingerprint user’s browser once user visit or click on their advertisements. To track or analyse advertisement performance, advertisement agency or publisher must insert tracking tool in his content to obtain visitor’s IP, Location, Browser type, time and date visited and so on – this method is called web browser fingerprinting. Publisher needs to insert web bug script or related script in their content (Usually on web page and email). So whenever user visits, it is obvious that web bug will run in every single visit and user information are sent to publisher but when user clicks on them user will redirect to another page or action which may be harmful. Many victims across the globe had downloaded malware and spyware unknowingly just for view or click on advertisement. For web browser (user) and web server (publisher) relationship is concern, another tracker but useful tool for both user and publisher is called cookie. Cookie is a tracker but also a useful tool that publisher  use for identifying user and user’s behavior on their web page.

Use of Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking tools work only on web browsers for detecting or evading and removing of Ads and depend user against cookie and similar trackers. Most anonymous web browsers come with in-built Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking tools and for other popularly used web browsers, user have to install Ad Blockers and Anti-Tracking tools (as browser extension) directly on the browser.

Best Tools For Ad Blocking and Tracking Protection on Web Browsers:

  1. Brave browser: Brave browser has in-built ad blocker and anti-tracker.
  2. Privacy Badger: This extension is primarily designed to disable as many trackers online as possible.
  3. Privoxy: Privoxy is an effective ad blocker, anti-tracking tool that filters traffic for blocking cookies and bugs and works with almost all  popular web browsers.
  4. AdBlocker: AdBlocker can block known malware, adware, and tracking domains. The browser extension is available for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  5. AdGuard: AdGuard is effective Ad Blocker used on popular browser, it offers a free and paid version and it can work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Opera.
  6. Tor Browser: Tor Browser does not allow sites you visit to discover your real location and allows you to access sites that are blocked.
  7. uBlock Plus Adblocker: uBlock Plus Adblocker can deal with most ads and this tool has advanced privacy and security settings that allow user to create content filters and more.
  8. Poper Blocker: Poper Blocker works only for both Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It helps to manage and block malicious pop up.
  9. uBlock Origin: uBlock Origin comes with an in-built list of filters for known advertising and malware sources and more filtering obtain is also available for creating own custom filters
  10. TrackStop and Ghostery: Both are effective Ad Blocker and Anti-Tracker available for trial and paid. They work on most popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

To remain safe from malicious Ads and to avoid being tracked, only one of above mentioned tools are not enough for this task. It is advised to use combination of two tools together to ensure or double-check that Ads are removed effectively and to ensure that no tracks or traces are left behind after closing the browser.


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