Web Jacking & Domain Name Hijacking

Web Jacking is when an attacker forcefully takes control of a website through password attack and later change the password after when the hosting account password is successfully cracked and the original owner of the website will have no control of his/her website anymore. The attacker’s reason for this illegal action may be for political fulfillment or for financial gain. The attacker’s aim may also include changing of information available on this website to his desired information or delete entire files available on the website and place: ‘The Web site has been hacked by i.e. Disclosed or undisclosed Hacker’s group.  Every website owner hosted a website must have a username and password used for accessing their web hosted server, if anyone can know the username and guess the password, this intruder can take complete control of the website if change the password.

To be security conscious about this situation, there are many ways hackers may hack a password, so it advisable that every website owner must know how a websites got hacked through Password Attack.

Domain Hijacking – Unlike Web Jacking, Domain Name is only an identity for a website, domain name is registered by domain provider (registrar), during registration of the domain name with the provider, register’s personal information with email address are required to complete this registration. After completion and on approval of registration, the provider gives a domain control panel where register can configure settings by pointing the domain name to the web host server using DNS from the web host. Domain Name hacks are mostly happening through accessing the administrative email account (registered email with provider), if a hacker can hack into this email then hacker can easily request for change of password on the provider’s website. It is important that a domain owner to know how to protect the domain from hijacking and to Know how Email Hacking occur through Password Attack using Phishing Method or Brute-force technique is very important for a domain name owner.


It is recommended that website must be hosted with a reputed and trusted web host service provider, hackers can also go on back-end server of web service provide that may end with loss of many website’s of provider’s customer. It is also advisable to keep login credentials save and secretly from third-party and use the strongest password while creating web hosting account.


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