5 Security Measures That Keep Your Windows 10 PC Safe

Best Security Settings For Windows 10 PC

Using Microsoft Windows PC without proper security implementation is not only risky for the user, but also for the entire network in which the user is connected especially while using the internet as well. Lack of proper security installation or configuration on Windows PC obviously opens the PC and Connected PCs to cyber attacks.

To secure a Windows 10 PC, the user must apply some security settings, configuration and installation on Windows 10 PC. Following these implementations of the security measures will help the user to remain protected from cyber attacks targeted directly or through the affected PC in a network.

              5 Security Measures That Keep Your Windows 10 PC Safe

1. Turn On / Off Default Windows Default Security and Application: There are built-in security applications in Windows PC and some of these applications are necessary to be either turned on or off to maintain and ensure the security of Windows PC. The followings are applications are to be turned off or on:

  • Turn on Standard user and set a password for the Administrator account
  • Turn on Windows Defender
  • Turn on the Firewall
  • Turn on Bit Locker
  • Turn on User Account Control (UAC)
  • Turn Off Remote Desktop Connection
  • Turn Off Unnecessary Ports and Stop Services


2. Keep your Windows Operating System Updated: Windows OS is updated by downloading and installing windows security patches. Security issues detected for Windows OS are reported and a security solution released by the Microsoft company to resolve this issue is known as a patch. To ensure that the Windows OS is updated, the user has to check for his windows system for patches available for download and installation.

It is recommended to update the system automatically, to get downloaded and installed the security updates automatically, please follow these steps:

  1. Access the Windows search box, type Windows Update.
  2. Select Advanced Windows Update options.
  3. Turn on options that will allow automatic download and installation and application of updates.


3. Keep your Internet Web Browser and Software Updated: It is also very important to run only updated software (internet software or system software) on your computer. The browser is the most useful internet application which requires special security attention, updating browser and other applications help PC remain protected from threats that attack computer through a web browser and application or that attack the web browser directly on your Windows PC. In-depth Web browser security is very important for the complete protection of browsers and similar application in Windows PCs.


4. Install Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software: Antivirus and Anti-Malware help get rid of viruses and spyware/malware respectively. Install Anti-virus software and set for automatic scan, removal and updates. While of Anti-Malware Software on Windows PC will also help to fight against any form of Malware attacks.


5. Create Back-Up and Restore Point on your Windows Operating System: Important to create a backup Windows OS and restore at a restore point in case of sudden disaster (data loss or any form cyber attack that may result in unrecoverable damage or malfunction of the system. To Create backup, update, or go to the restore point where backup stored on the operating system, the user must follow these steps:

  1. Go to Windows Setting
  2. Check Updates & Security
  3. Check Backup (from here you can set up back up or manage backups restore points


Windows PC Security is necessary for personal use at home, office or business place. The above security measures expose in-depth how important securing Windows PC is for both personal and business purposes. Negligence or lack of security concern for Windows may end with a serious loss after when the PC experiences any cyber attack.



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