3 Common Security Tools To Remain Secure And Undetectable 

3 Common Internet Security Tools To Remain Secure And Undetectable 

The only way to remain secure and untraceable while doing work online is to have the security solution deployed on a computer or mobile device.

The followings are 3 common internet security tools which I have put together to remind or help you to stay secure, untraceable and may be undetectable:

1. Anonymous Browser: Anonymous browsers like TOR Browser, Waterfox Browser, Comodo Dragon Browser, Iron Browser, Brave Browser and others will leave no trace after your browsing activities or after when you turn off your device. These browsers are also known as Anti-Tracker because it can also block all kinds of Tracking related Tool working in a web browser.

2. Antivirus Software: Using good Anti-virus / Anti-malware that provide a complete multi-protection like McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection or  Avira Prime Internet Security are strongly recommended to help remain safe from a cyber attack or track your system. It helps you scan, detect and remove dangerous files,  and block tracking software and malicious internet browsing.

3 VPN Software: VPN Software will not only help change the internet physical location of your computer to another connected country but also can encrypt all your data from hackers and activities from on the internet. Recommended VPN includes Pure VPN, Express, VPN or Nord VPN.

It is advisable to always have above the mentioned 3 common internet security tools running on your device then you have no fear to do your work anytime, but it is also recommended to remembering this 3 things for each tool: 1- Most Anonymous Browsers never keep any history or save any data, 2- Always think before you click for download anything; even a photo, 3- Any VPN providers can spy on traffic and able to monitor activities.

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